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Elders Day

At Light & Life Academy, equal importance is given to learning of Light, as well as life. Constant efforts are made by the LLA team to ensure that the students leave with experiences that are truly humbling, adding to their personal growth and holistic education.

One such experience was the celebration of “International Day of Older Persons” that took place in the LLA campus.

With the help of the Rotary Club, Nilgiris, the elderly from Mercy home came on their first field trip, to the LLA Campus. Our students took the opportunity to be hosts and ensured that our guests had a day to remember.

On the flipside, our students were left with stories for years to come, and experiences that will ensure that they do not take things for granted, and stay humble, focusing on making the most of the opportunities that come their way. But most importantly, our students learnt to listen, engage and respect everyone around them.

With the help of LL Outreach LLA strives to ensure that life is not just about studying light to get the right picture. It is also about celebrating life and its myriad hues.