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Election Awareness Campaign

110 AC Sweep Strategy – Election Awareness Campaign

The objective of the Election Commission of India was that “No voter should be left behind”.

We began by exploring why people abstain from voting and figure out a way we canmotivate them to vote. We understood that different sections of voters have different views and expectations, so we had to cover them independently.

We visited five Badaga Villages & two tribal Villages. We also visited two colleges and spent some time in Coonoor town.

This is the thought process we followed:

Objective: Make the voters buy into the importance of voting and to vote ethically

To make them open up and talk freely, we decided to engage them through some entertaining activity and make them express their views. The nice thing was that every single person had an opinion and voiced it. They also understood that if they want their needs fulfilled they need to vote for the right person.

Primary emphasis was on first time voters – to set the right attitude towards voting and to become responsible citizens.

As they voiced their views and decision to vote we captured it on video and created little snippets which is now being shared on various media so it motivates others.

So when everybody decides to vote 100 % nobody gets left behind. We understand that changing people’s attitude towards elections is a long term process. Efforts of this kind, over time, will make a difference.