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Onam Celebration

Light & Life outreach strives to highlight the cultural diversity of India, ensuring that all the students from LLA, who come from various backgrounds and cultures, become more connected and aware of the many different traditions in the country, thereby bringing them closer together.

Onam provided the perfect platform for the students to explore and experience a bit of the rich south Indian Culture. Dressed to impress, the LLA family adorned the all-white special ethnic wear for Onam. The festival also gave us the opportunity to invite children from the Anai Satya Children’s home to join in the celebrations and contribute to its success.

Our students worked diligently with the children from the Anai Satya Children’s home towards the preparations for the day’s events. From decorating the whole campus to cutting vegetables for a fabulous traditional Onam Sadhya with 16 dishes, and burning those gained calories as quickly as it was consumed, with outdoor games like Frisbee, badminton, Table Tennis and Football.

It is safe to say that Onam 2019 was a great success. But most importantly, provided a much needed platform for cross-culture interaction not only amongst our students, but also an opportunity to extend the joy to others, making it a day to remember.